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Sport Mouthguards

Sport Mouthguards in Wooland Hills

A mouthguard is an important protective device used for various kinds of physical activities and sports. Hundreds of thousands of injuries occur every year involving the face and mouth that could be avoided or minimized if a mouthguard had been worn.

Mouthguards provide valuable protection for the jaw, face, tongue, lips, and of course, the teeth. A traumatic blow to the face can not only tear soft tissue or knock out teeth, but also may force the lower jaw into the upper jaw. A mouthguard can help keep your teeth from tearing the tissues of your mouth during a traumatic injury. Mouthguards can protect you when you're wearing bridges or braces.

Mouthguards are generally small plastic appliances that fit safely around your teeth. Many mouthguards are initially soft and pliable, allowing them to mold to your teeth when first inserted. Custom-fitted mouthguards are usually made by your dentist. Custom mouthguards protect your mouth and other facial structures much better than pre-molded guards found in sporting goods stores.

Mouthguards can help prevent a whole host of traumatic injuries to the neck and jaw, as well as more serious problems such as cerebral hemorrhages and concussions. Your mouthguard needs to be cleaned and allowed to air dry after each use. You also can soak your mouthguard in an antiseptic mouthwash to help remove any germs.

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