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Sealants Woodland Hills

Dental Sealants are a resin material that coats the biting surfaces of the teeth. Sealants can be used as a good preventive measure because the coating creates a barrier between the tooth and decay-causing bacteria found in plaque. The sealant makes it more difficult for plaque to stick to the tiny grooves on the biting surfaces, reducing the risk of tooth decay.

When applying a sealant, we clean the teeth and then etch them with a solution that adheres to the teeth. After the sealant is applied, a special ultraviolet light cures the material.

Sealants are most effective in reducing cavities in children with newly formed permanent teeth. Sealants are recommended for all children when they get their permanent first molars around 6 years of age and their permanent second molars around 12 years of age. They are also useful in reducing the formation of decay in adult teeth.

Sealants are an effective preventive measure to reduce decay as well as any damage to your teeth. Sealants usually prevent the need for fillings and other more expensive dental treatments. Therefore, sealants can save you money in the long run.

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